Ties – Men’s

men's ties

Check out our beautiful collection of neckties.  Wear our exclusive dog motif men's tie while supporting Danny and Ron’s Rescue efforts.  Sport a cute Peeps mini to support Peeps Rescue.   A portion of the proceeds from every sale goes to the Rescue.   A variety of stylish motifs in silk will help you look your best in and out of the show ring.  White and burgundy men's ties are also available.

  • White Knit Essex Men's Necktie

    White Knit Essex Men’s Necktie

  • "Peeps Rescue" Men's Necktie

    “Peeps Rescue” Men’s Necktie

  • “Tri-color ribbon” Men’s Necktie

  • "Safari Zebra" Men's Necktie

    “Safari Zebra” Men’s Necktie

  • "Fox and Horseshoe" Men's Necktie

    “Fox and Horseshoe” Men’s Necktie

  • “Danny & Ron’s Rescue” Men’s Necktie

  • White Pique “Danny & Ron’s Rescue” Men’s Necktie

  • Equestrian Silk Necktie

  • White Pique Men’s Necktie